Which Programming Language Should You Learn in 2019?

For Engineering Students, whether he/she is from Computer Science or Mechanical, knowing a Programming Language is a must. Why? Because in most of the Engineering Colleges in India, Most of The Companies who hire the Students are actually Service Based Companies. So, if you want to Stand out and get a Job at Product Based Companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon etc., you need to Master a Programming Language which is not actually included in your Syllabus. A good to know Stuff is, all the Engineering Colleges in India only has as the only Language. This won’t give you a Highly Paying Job. So, you have to do something Out of the Box so that you will get a Better Chance. Here is a List of Which Programming Language Should You Learn in 2019 below. Don’t forget to Check Them Out…

Why You Should Learn a Programming Language out of your Syllabus?

I have mentioned the Reason earlier. If you are the one who is going to Follow the Old Syllabus of the College, you will end up getting a Less Paying Job at TCS, Cognizant, Wipro etc. But, if you Master a Programming Language which is used in the Big Companies, chances are you can get Hired at one of them. So, what are you waiting for? Learn Coding Now.

best programming languages in 2019

Which Programming Language Should You Learn in 2019?

There are a lot of Programming Languages Available out there. You have to choose the one which suits you the Best. Check Out the List Below…

1. C++

C++ is based on C Language. So, if you Master C++ in your First Semester, it will also help you in your Second Semester where there will be the C Language. Also, C++  is an Easy-to-Learn Object-Oriented Programming Language which will help you when you will Start Learning Java.


Pros –

  1. Easy to Learn
  2. Used in Biggest Companies of the World
  3. Fast Compilation

Cons –

  1. Complex Syntax

2. Java

Java is also an Object-Oriented Programming Language like C++. But it is Harder than C++. If you are in the First Semester and you want to Learn Java, it will be Quite Hard for you. But if you Start Learning Java in the Second Year (Third Semester), it will be the Best Time as you will already have Mastered C/C++ in your First Year. However, you can Learn Java but this will be somehow Hard. But, you Must Learn Java before you Graduate, so be Prepared.

Pros –

  1. Used in Various Platforms
  2. Android Development
  3. Huge Community Support

Cons –

  1. Hard to Learn

best programming language for engineers

3. Python

If you are a Newbie and Fear Programming, then Learn Python. Although it’s used in Machine Learning/AI etc., it is Quite an Easy Language. But, if you Learn the Basics, you won’t get a Good Job. So, you have to Learn it Deeply and Master it so that you can get a Job in Companies like Google, Amazon and some of the Mobile Companies.

Pros –

  1. Easy to Learn
  2. Small Code for Big Programs
  3. Fast Compilation

Cons –

  1. You can’t get a Job only with Basics. You have to master it.

4. Swift

This is a Language made by Apple for Coding for iOS Devices. Swift is used to Code for iPhones, iPad and macOS and also Apple Watch. For a Beginner, it is a Quite Hard Language. But, if you already know Object-Oriented Languages like C++ and Java, it is only a 30-Days Task to Learn Swift.

Pros –

  1. Used by a Biggest Company – Apple
  2. Better Job Opportunities
  3. Easy to Learn after other OOPs

Cons –

  1. Not Great for a Beginner

best programming language for engineers in india

5. C#

C# is Pronounced as C Sharp. This Programming Language is used for Coding in Microsoft’s .NET Framework. So, if you are a Microsoft Fan and want to Code for your Next Windows Update, You can Learn Coding in C#. But, like Swift, you will have to Learn C# after Learning C/C++/Java. So, Best of Luck.

Pros –

  1. Used by Microsoft
  2. Based on the .NET Framework
  3. Great Job Opportunities

Cons –

  1. You have to Learn after other OOPs

Bonus Tip

If you want your Resume to Stand Out, Participate in Competitive Coding Platforms. Choose the Language which Suits you and Start Coding in Competitive Platform. You can Mention your Scores of those Platforms in your Resume which will Impress the Interviewers.

Also, if you read in a Descent College where Good Companies don’t come, you can Apply for Off-Campus Placements too. So, Fasten your Belt and Start Coding.

Here are Few of those Competitive Coding Platforms –

Happy Coding 🙂

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