5 Best TVF Shows Which You Should Not Miss

The Viral Fever aka TVF has Always been the Best Company to Provide World-Class Shows which are Popular Worldwide. People Love their Shows and the Reason is Simple, they are Just Awesome. You won’t believe, but TVF has more Viewers who are Normally Young. This thing Fulfils their Target of Audience. When it was Launched, TVF was Famous for its Sketches which were Funny, Educative and Helpful. However, they have also Brought some Web Serieses for their Audience which were Great Success. All of them were Loved by the Audience. So, have you Watched TVF Shows yet? If not, Check Out Below for the 5 Best TVF Shows Which You Should Not Miss…

History of TVF – The Viral Fever

The Viral Fever was Founded by an IIT Kharagpur Graduate, Arunabh Kumar. He was a Good Student in College who also had an interest in Filmmaking. So, he thought to do something in Indian Media. At that time, TV Shows in India were too much Boring and the Youths of India didn’t enjoy them so well. At that time, YouTube was also a bit Popular among Youths and there were a Few Creators from India like Geekyranjit and some of the others too. However, Arunabh thought that he will do something in this Online Platform which will give him a Great Success. So, he contacted his Friends, Biswapati Sarkar and Amit Golani and started a new YouTube Channel called The Viral Fever. In Early Days, they didn’t have Proper Sets or Office, so they used to Shoot in the Roads. Finally, they made a Video with Shah Rukh Khan which became Viral and that Brought them to the Spotlight. After the Growth, they didn’t have to Look Back. They have also Promoted Brands through their Contents which gave them more Investment. After a few months, People like Sameer Saxena, Jitendra Kumar, Nidhi Bisht joined the Team. Now, TVF is one of India’s Biggest Online Companies with more than 200 Employees.

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5 Best TVF Shows Which You Should Not Miss

TVF – The Name is a Sign of Good Quality Videos itself. However, The Viral Fever came up with their Web Serieses in 2014 and they gave them Great Success. So, here is a list of 5 Best TVF Shows Which You Should Not Miss.

1. Kota Factory [ Season 1 (2018) ]

Most of the TVF Core Members are from IITs and most of them have been to Kota, Rajasthan. Kota is a Place where the Dreams of Students gets Broken by the Pressure of Studies. All the Students of Kota are busy in Studies to get a Good Branch in Engineering in the IITs. However, TVF thought to Portrait the same situation through their Web Series, Kota Factory. This has been a Great Success for TVF with over 46 Million Views in the Whole Series. The Actors did Very Well in the whole Series which made it Perfect. Also, the Storyline and DOP were Awesome and TVF did very well in all of them. Lead Actor Mayur More ( Vaibhav ) did pretty well too. Amazing Facts is that the whole Web Series is in Black and White and this is the First Black and White Web Series in India with that Much of Success. Watch the Kota Factory Trailer Below…


2. Pitchers [ Season 1 (2015) ]

This show is just Mind Blowing. The Actors, Direction, DOP, Music, everything is Awesome. This is the Show which took Millions of Hearts. Based on a Startup Plan of 4 Friends, the Story is Just Awesome. Also, the Execution has been done Very Well. Fun Fact is, TVF became Popular among Youngstars after the Launch of this Awesome Show. Actors – Arunabh Kumar, Jitendra Kumar, Naveen Kasturia and Abhay Mahajan did very well. This is a Must Watch Series…

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3. Tripling [ Season 1 (2016) and Season 2 (2019) ]

TVF Tripling is one of the Best Shows for Family. This is Based on Three Siblings who go for a Road Trip – Chitvan, Chandan and Chanchal. Three Lead Actors – Sumeet Vyas, Amol Parashar, and Maanvi Gagroo, all three of them were Lit. The First Season of this Show was Released in 2016 and this was also one of the Best Shows of TVF. However, TVF brought Season 2 in 2019 which also did very well in Terms of Views and all. Check Out the Season 2 Trailer Below…


4. Yeh Meri Family [ Season 1 (2018) ]

Are you a 90’s Kid? If you are, then you can Relate to this Family Friendly Show of TVF. This show Portraits the life of ’90s Kids – Their Life, Family, Friends, Relationship, Going Kota for IIT Coaching etc. TVF intended to make this Show to Dedicate those Memories of every ’90s Kid. You gonna Love the Show. Also, try to Watch the Show with your Parents 🙂


5. Permanent Roommates [ Season 1 (2014) and Season 2 (2016) ]

This is the First Ever Webseries by TVF. Also, it was the First Success for TVF in the Field of Webseries. This Webseries Portraits a Live-in Relationship of Two People. There were many Story Turnovers also. You should watch the Show right now.



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